With more recent events, and my very unfortunate fathers passing, its made me ponder, question, and just think a little bit more than I do already, which is saying something!

Despite me being very conscious of making the best of life, and not taking things for granted, that old adage of, you don’t appreciate things fully until they’ve gone, is very true here.

I know my Dad appreciated me, because he very kindly told me so, but I’m glad to say I also told him.

How often though, do we actually let those the closest to us, know this?

Don’t underestimate the power of letting those around you know you appreciate them. Its actually extremely good, wellness wise, for both parties.

It’s so easy to take people for granted and just let life slide by, without people actually knowing what you feel.

When somebody is suddenly not there it is a shock, and I feel sure it will sink in a bit further in the coming weeks, but one thing I can feel happy about, is that he knew how I felt.

Life throws up many twists and turns, but I heartily encourage you to let others know sooner rather than later.

Best wishes