Are you being realistic?


I’m currently sitting quietly upstairs at the high performance center at Loughborough University.

I’ve been watching the hustle and bustle of all the athletes, and am in awe at their dedication.

We watch these athletes in the grand arena, at the pinnacle of their careers, with little understanding or knowing of what effort went behind their performance.

I suppose I’m lucky to come from a fitness background, because I fully comprehend what it takes, to get anywhere in your chosen sport.

What is important to grasp, for the layperson however, is being realistic as to what’s achievable, within a given time frame.

Unfortunately social media, whilst encouraging for some, might also conversely give unrealistic expectations.

At the risk of sounding old, the world I grew up in, is different to the one my children know.

Whilst I feel it’s a little more judgmental, I also believe that things are expected much quicker than before.

We live in an instant world.

Instant communication, instant gratification, instant results.

Goals within health and fitness and sports performance, take time.

For my son Tom, an javelin athlete might not peak until mid to late twenties. It’s sometimes later for other sports. So you can see the long term dedication needed, and why many fall by the wayside.

My point is, and I’ve been caught up in this too, is that it pays to set realistic goals with realistic time frames.

If you don’t allow enough time and are not realistic, then it can set you up for disappointment.

Allow time for peaks and troughs but have the future firmly fixed ahead.

Best wishes