Are you caring enough?

The holiday season is upon us and I’m pleased to say I’m in holiday mode!

Wow! I feel like I really need it this year, much more than others.

I have been exceptionally busy, which is a good problem to have if you are self employed, but In collaboration with this years events, i think it’s taken it’s toll.

I think I’ve ploughed into work as a dealing mechanism and focussed on others to help heal wounds.

I’ve realised I need to give myself some care.

I love helping people, love seeing them succeed, and seeing them being happy in life.

I think to be good at your job, in a people orientated industry, this needs to be an innate trait.

The trouble is with people pleasers is they often relegate themselves to last place.

This has its issues.

For my own wellness and longevity I need to take more care of myself. This ultimately helps my lovely clients in the long run, as I don’t run out of steam, and I have more energy to help.

If you are in a similar position, whether you are a manager of people, deal with the general public, are in a service industry, or a busy mum and dad, then it pays to make a self care plan.

One of my main goals for this next year is to consider what’s best for me and action upon it.

It’s an odd one, as it doesn’t come naturally to think of myself first. Growing up I was taught to put others first.

On reflection whilst I feel it’s important to care for others, I think it shouldn’t be to the detriment oneself.

If you are considering taking a bit more care for yourself, then think what areas of your life you can impact on, to be able to make a difference?

For me, it’s shorter working days, more time spent with family including my wife, more time for programmed exercise and activity, better sleep, better nutrition and supplementation, and a general focus on improving health and well-being.

In this hectic festive period I do hope you manage to make time for yourself, and consider your overall wellness and longevity. I wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas.

I hope you develop a self care plan that sky rockets your health well and truly into the 2019 stratosphere!

Best wishes