Aren’t physios brilliant!

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I just love physios. They really see the body as an interlinking set of muscles, tendons, ligaments and limbs, which work synergistically to provide optimal (or sub-optimal in my case) movement. I love the way they can solve problems with seemingly weird ‘exercises’ and manual prodding and pulling.

I went to my physiotherapy clinic this week after suffering some quite intense, sharp pain in my knee area from Wednesday onwards, with no apparent cause. The pain gradually faded and returned over the next few days. The physio reassured my that nothing was wrong with my knee ligaments or cartilage, and discovered that my very tight hip and lower back muscles were to blame, probably leading to nerve impingement and pain further down. It makes sense. I had also experienced a horrible pain after running on holiday, all down the inside of my leg, all the way down to my ankle, which lasted a few days. Weird.

My lovely physio says that my pelvis has too much anterior tilt, my ribs are lifting too high and jutting forward. This may be due to or leading to dysfunctional breathing. Anyway, lots to work on, but at least my knee is not damaged.

So my crazy exercises twice a day, involving dangling my leg over the side of the bed and another sort of slouching, nasal breathing, hand reaching thing will hopefully have me bounding around the woods again very soon.

So if you have pain in your body and can’t work out why, let a brainy physiotherapist get their hands on you to decipher the cause.

Lisa 🙂