Bad weather Blues? Cheer up with my home exercise routine: 15 minutes.

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This monotonous, tiresome weather!

Dank, dreary, dismal, dull, dreadful, drab, dark, and decidedly damp!

How does it make you feel about getting out to exercise?

Perhaps demotivated, depressed, dejected, dampened, discouraged, disheartened, dispirited, despondent and downright dismayed.

OK, enough of the D’s already!

What can we do?

Do not fear. Try this – a 15 minutes muscle-pumping, calorie-blasting resistance routine for the home. Try to get some of your family involved at the same time for more fun. Aim for 10 – 15 repetitions of each exercise in the circuit. Use the heaviest weights you can manage. If you don’t own dumbbells use filled milk cartons or water bottles, books, cans, or a kitten.

Follow along with me in this film, which i have posted on our Facebook page.