Bank holiday cycle ride reveals my lack of fitness

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To enjoy the day off school and work yesterday we headed to the Malvern Hills with mountain bikes. I have not ridden my bike since August of last year, and I know my legs will be cursing me tomorrow.

I didn’t feel like going, as it was a bit cold and cloudy, but Mr. K overruled and off we set. We were on the Malvern Hills Trust mountain biking trail, medium route, starting at the North Quarry car park. It is described as 8.7km long, 260m ascent, 2.5 hours time suggested. It started off as mainly up hill, a good path, through woodland. The Trust says the geology is unique. Once we’d gone up a lot there were spectacular views, beautiful hills and excellent signposts. There were many rocky downhill sections and many stony uphills, and I was forced to dismount quite a few times and push my bike up hill.

Although I found it really tough, I loved it, and we only took 1.5 hours despite me holding up proceedings. There are two other routes described: a shorter and a longer route. If you fancy checking out the trails have a look at this link.

I think the effort we put in, (especially me), justified the large piece of carrot cake we shared afterwards in a cute cafe in the smart town of Malvern. Maybe if we go back to do the long route I could have a piece to myself?

Lisa 🙂