Banting and Fitbit update…..


I thought I’d better fill you in on the ketogenic/banting plan that I’ve been following since February, as part of the longer term research.

Since having my Fitbit I have moved even more than normal – especially walking. I must say that walking is very underrated and I definitely feel much better for increasing overall movement.

In my opinion I feel it’s accelerated fat loss further especially around my midsection. General, steady walking is of course excellent at reducing stress hormones that can cause increased fat storage.

There are many more stress hormone receptors in the tummy region than elsewhere, so it’s another reason to qualm the stress, as it can add fat exactly to where you don’t want it!!

I feel it dovetails really nicely with the Ketogenic eating, as the movement uses up any carbohydrates and also helps to use stored body fat as fuel.

I am now actually weighing very sporadically for tracking, as I found on some weeks where it was stationary, it was actually screwing with my head. (Even though I know it’s definitely not about the weight!!)

The old diet head popped up saying “you’ve done all this hard work and you’ve stayed the same. Why bother?”

Well, I can tell you why I bother, old diet head, because I want longevity, amazing wellness, abundant energy and a positive mental state, not lethargy, aches and pains and a lack lustre focus!

I owe it to myself and my loved ones around me to improve and be as well as I can!

The belt has come in another notch again and I can definitely feel that I’ve lost body fat. Energy much more consistent as is sleep. I will track more quality of sleep using the Fitbit now as it differentiates between different sleep phases.

I’m alternating fasting as I feel I want to. I do this by having only 2 meals some days – lunch and evening meal, thus increasing the fast time another few hours. I feel much more ‘in tune’ with biological hunger and needs – another great progression.

That’s it for another week!
Best wishes