Beauty of early morning exercise

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My brother-in-law woke at 5:20 a.m yesterday and decided to set off on a mountain bike ride in the Chorley countryside in glorious early morning sunshine and reported an epic ride.

My client reported waking at 10 to 6 a few days ago and heading off on an unprecedented early morning run on the Downs, and said how lovely it was at that time.

My son decided to mountain bike across the beautiful Stroud valley to school this morning, so I dropped him off at 7:45 and away he sped into the glorious countryside with amazing views and not many souls about.

If you are someone who struggles to fit exercise in your usual day consider setting your alarm an hour earlier and taking advantage of your beautiful, quiet surroundings to enjoy a peaceful outdoor run / cycle. There is nothing quite like knowing there is hardly a soul around and you have the route to yourself for that moment. It could well set you up for an excellent day.

Lisa 🙂