Lifes best advice

I had an interesting one this week, as I asked my Facebook friends, what the best advice they had been given in life.

Well, all the results are in & despite a fair number being on the ‘riskier’ side, I’m pleased to say, the rest I can publish!! 😄

I’m always interested in others wisdom, especially those that have been on this earth a while longer than I. ¬†As you get older you do collect wisdom, but it’s great when another’s knowledge can change your own perspective.

The summaries ahead are not in any specific order….

1. Don’t worry, it doesn’t change anything.
Easily said than done but actually worry is
very destructive and can have significant
physical & mental affects.

2. Whatever a problem it can be sorted & that it’s only a problem if it’s allowed to be. I have been told before that whatever the problem, ask yourself, will it be a concern in a years time.

3. Focus on what is ahead of you! Something I was told was to let go of the past that pulls you back.

4. Smile! My beautiful wife follows this advice from her Nan and it’s true it does. She smiles most of the time & it’s infectious. I must do it a lot of the time without realizing as many a time I find complete strangers smiling back at me.

5. Trust your own instinct. Some people have a really good ‘gut instinct’ & very frequently it’s a good judge of character!

6. Life is not a rehearsal, enjoy every day! Together with ‘Don’t save things for best, best is today’. With our busy lives & many distractions it’s easy to get caught up in ‘life’. It doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that time & life is limited & to make the best of it!

The ‘other’ suggestions were based on practising safe sex (using different methods!), attracting & finding a mate by smell (only joking Gordon), avoiding some of life’s more ‘expensive’ pursuits, not putting off the things you enjoy (!) Also not eating anything bigger than you head!
Lastly, only judging a man by walking in his shoes, after you have stolen them & done a runner!!
(all censored from the original postings!!) 😂

Best wishes
Stuart 😊