Beware of bogus belly-busting claims!

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There have been many impossible and outrageous products or plans that promise astounding results for fat loss or muscle gain. Pills, belts and electrical impulses which will melt your fat away in minutes. Now I’ve heard of another outlandish idea that is news to me and which has proved markedly false in the manufacturer’s claims for increasing metabolic rate.

Introducing the Cool Fat Burner from America, which is a wearable ice vest, designed to activate your brown fat and thereby increase your metabolic rate. (I’m not very sure what brown fat is, so I can’t explain it, but I think it is activated when the body is very cold, and it burns calories taken from the more prevalent white fat). The manufacturer’s claim made in 2013 is that wearing the ice vest for two hours a day will increase metabolic rate by up to 300% and burn an additional 500 kcals per day. A study by the American Council on Exercise on overweight or obese subjects showed metabolic rate increases of up to 46 calories over two hours while wearing the vest, (plus the Cool Cut Buster abdomen cover and drinking 32 ounces of ice cold water to help increase the effect). This effect is less than ten percent of the manufacturer’s claim.

Apparently there are other similar products making similar claims for effect.

The study authors say that the subjects were mainly uncomfortable wearing the vest (I can’t think of anything worse) and only a few saying they could learn to tolerate the discomfort over time. Furthermore, going for a ten minute walk would burn about the same number of calories while gaining other health benefits. They state that “companies take an element of complex human physiology in isolation and try to create a practical application.”

Really glad we shan’t be recommending this fat loss method! A classic case of ‘too good to be true’.

Lisa 🙂