Big Hand for Graham! HbA1c reductions with diet.

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Graham is a client of mine. He has halved his Diabetes blood measurements of HbA1c by changing his diet. I asked him if he could give us his story, and these are his words that follow.

“I had a rude awakening in December 2017, when my GP advised that my borderline, diet controlled Diabetes type 2 had got more serious. The HbA1c blood test had come back with a high level of 95 mmol/mol, necessitating immediate action and I was put on the Metformin drug – twice a day. Clearly action needed to be taken and it was in my own hands.

So what had gone wrong? Early in 2017, my HbA1c levels were around the 60 level, with weight of 109kgs, oh, and I also have Parkinson’s Disease.

Looking back, I now realise that my retirement in June 2017 had a fundamental impact on my body as well as my daily routine. More snacks had crept in and sugar laden foods had infiltrated my regime. And of course my taste for good wine had been all makes sense when I look back!

Enter my secret weapons – Cynthia my supportive wife (who is also my dietitian) and Lisa the Training Queen, with a joint mission to help me to get off the Metformin by improving my blood levels and weight.

Out went the carbohydrates – Bread, Potatoes, Pasta, Cereals, Cakes and Biscuits, in came the Fish, Chicken, Berries, Porridge and Salad. To this we added a dry January and a limited wine consumption thereafter, one bottle of wine between two, once a week.
An exercise program; based round a weekly session with Lisa and exercise bike and walking midweek completed the game plan.

Update – March 2018 (three months)

Blood test – HbA1c – 50mmol/mol (lowest level in years)

Weight – 102.5kgs – loss of 6.5 kgs.

Next step to get weight below 100Kgs and Hba1c to 45 in next three months.”

Thank you Graham for sharing your story, and keep up your fantastic efforts.

Lisa 🙂