Blinded by science…..


Life can be very confusing. We read, see and hear such conflicting information around fitness, health and nutrition, all the time.

You might be left wondering who’s right and whose wrong?!

The thing is, ultimately, we all want a definitive answer on our questions!

Is ketogenic eating the best way of eating?

Is Paleo the way to go?

Should we eat all fats?

Is fasting right for me?

What’s the best method of losing weight (fat)?

What’s the best exercise for fat burning?

We want a black and white answer that proves definitively, this is correct!

The thing is, and this is a biggie, there just isn’t a one way approach.

Il say that again, there is NOT a one approach that suits everyone!

What science does is suggest for the majority, what might be best practice, but at the end of the day you have to find what suits YOU, as a unique individual.

Do your own detective work, trial and error, and experiment with different formats. See what suits you and improves your chances of attaining your goal.

Mix up different methods and tailor it to suit you!

If you have given methods enough time and it still hasn’t worked – change it up! Try different things! Don’t carry on expecting different results from the same methods!

With my ketogenic plan I’ve had a few sticking points. So with just some little tweaks I’ve got things going again!

I fasted by having 2 instead of 3 meals by either delaying breakfast and having a brunch and evening meal, or by eating breakfast and late lunch and missing supper.
I’ve brought in more early morning high intensity exercise.
I’ve adjusted portion sizes to see what I can get away with without setting off hunger, energy or cravings.

So, just little tweaks, but it got things going again!

See what you can ‘tweak’ to get things on the move!

Best wishes