Brighten your day

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When it’s dull and dreary outside and you feel lethargic it can feel like a beastly effort to hoist oneself out of a chair in order to exercise. Sitting down is so much easier!

Overcoming inertia, that great term from physics, is the hardest part about exercise; once you’re going it’s so much easier. Once you’re into your flow, after a few minutes, the feel good hormones cascade down, warmth and sweat occur and you start to enjoy yourself. Even in this horrendously miserable weather I’m sure most of us feel hearty with a bracing fast walk in suitable clothing. I think walking or running are the best options in winter and are most easily achieved from the house.

Make a walking date with a friend or just your fitness shoes and head out into the blustery raindrops for a brisk half hour. Honestly, you’ll be so pleased you did it, and it should brighten your mood and your whole day.

Lisa 🙂