Building and retaining muscle – it’s crucial!

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Stu mentioned this week the importance of building muscle mass to help you lose fat. I have seen first hand this week how losing muscle mass can have a devastating impact on quality of life. 

Maintaining your muscle mass as you age is paramount to controlling your body fat and also to being able to live an active life. Without the strength we once had so much of our daily lives are affected. A vicious circle of age-related and activity-related muscle atrophy leading to less exercise leading to more muscle loss, is insidious and profound in its impact. The less we do the less we can do. 

Loss of lower body strength is a huge part of a decline in balance, and combine that with deterioration in vision, and fear of falling, then you have a serious mobility issue. Motivation to strength train as you age will naturally decline, but strength (and power even more so) has been shown to be the most important fitness variable to hang on to in order to keep our independence.

So let’s encourage our elders whenever we can to squat, lunge, press, pull and rotate into old age. Conditioned muscles are really life-enhancing and life-saving. 

Lisa 🙂