Can you burn more fat by resting more?!

Can you burn fat by resting more?



At Personal Space we love to think ‘holistically’ about our health & wellness & as much as we love being active- taking time out is equally important (more so for some!)

If you are not quite into ‘being mindful’ then at the very least I can highly recommend trying to build in R&R- rest & recuperation, into your busy life.
The restorative benefits can have a profound effect on your overall wellbeing.

This can mean different things for different people & I would encourage you to work out what ‘works’ for you. Sometimes it can just be a few moments or a defined period of time, either way, by building this into your week, you will be more productive & feel better for allowing yourself to take time out.

So what does R&R mean?

Going to bed early & reading
Having a soak in the bath with essential oils
Taking a peaceful walk in the countryside/beach
Progressive muscle relaxation
‘Power’ naps
Spa treatments
Foam rolling (although some people might disagree!!)
Group classes focussing on relaxation
A change in routine
Any process or gentle activity that you find lets you ‘switch off’
Spending quality time with a loved one
Listening to soothing music

This is not an exhaustive list, merely some suggestions. As mentioned before its finding what works personally for you!

Alongside this the benefits of good quality sleep cannot be underestimated. This can mean having a healthy pre sleep routine including; all electronics switched off at least an hour before sleep, a blacked out room including standby lights etc, a wind down process – bath, drink, reading etc

Unbelievably, as an added bonus, these activities can also positively affect stress hormones, which in turn, helps you to burn more fat!! (Lesson 22)

What have you got to lose?!