What Cecil the lions death teaches us humans.

imageLife lesson 13- the importance of relationships to improve your own wellness.



So, the news was awash with the very sad story of Cecil the lion being unlawfully killed. Global news & huge media interest.


I’ve read some of the comments in the social media & whilst the majority are up in arms; there’s a few people saying – why so much column inches, there are many more human atrocities happening all the time, even more animal slaughters. In fact whilst this story was trending 5 elephants lives were taken by poachers.



Personally the story affected me greatly & I was trying to work out why exactly.
Perhaps it is the symbolisation of what Cecil the lion represents to me as a human.
In the animal kingdom the lion is the top predator. Whilst obviously feeling pressure from humans, they represent many high value traits; fighting spirit, courage, strength, family values, unity & togetherness, survival & finally hope.


Despite huge life challenges Cecil represented a daily struggle to provide for & protect his pride.
The way Cecil was killed was unfair, imbalanced & unjust. Taking an innocent animals life, a total disregard of all these values, just for a trophy.


It just highlights the trait of human greed, the focus on money & need for power. We know life can be unfair, but to me it alludes to the fact that money talks. Money CAN actually get you pretty much anything you want, if you have the contacts. Its a fact of life, but it disappoints me hugely.


Wrapped up in this is a focus on consumerism, having more & wanting more. I must admit to getting caught up in wanting newer or more improved gadgets, but then I have to remind myself that stuff is just ‘stuff’!
People, like animals, with feelings & emotions, are what’s important.
Stories like Cecil’s are actually a reality wake up call to help us remember what’s really important in our own lives.
A focus on stuff can satisfy temporarily, but for long term wellness it is our relationships with others that matter the most.
Life can change all too quickly – do those closest to you know how you feel about them?