Change of focus!


We are all living increasingly busy lives, and the pace of life seems to be building more each year.

Year after year we try to fit more in, do more, and get more out of what precious time we have.

The dichotomy is, at the same time, we know its extremely important for our overall wellness and health, to take time out, rest and recuperate, and have adequate sleep.

Most of my adult life I have had this most modern disease of ‘being busy’. Continually chasing my tail, trying to get more and more done.

But is it the right way?!

I’ve been thinking more lately that perhaps I’ve been putting the focus on the wrong thing?!

I’m not saying I should just focus solely on sleeping, resting and not being busy, but I do need to build more of these things in than I have. I’d hazard a guess I could actually be more productive, if life were planned more efficiently.

Just as I plan for work productivity, and getting ‘stuff’ done, then at the same time, I will plan more downtime, personal time, and just taking ‘time out’.

I guess it’s finding out what works for you?

Personally, for me, it’s switching off from the phone and internet, going to bed earlier, a refreshing walk, a weights workout, going out for a nice meal, the cinema, going away, listening to music, as a few examples.

It’s finding whatever works for you!

Work out your list, program it in, and find out how different you feel?

Best wishes