Client success story – Jenny

Personal Space - Personal Training Studio Bristol
Personal Space – Personal Training Studio Bristol

This weeks blog is from one of my clients Jenny who I’ve trained at Personal Space for over a year now. It tells her own success story, proving it’s never to late to change!

Why did you decide to take up personal training?

I decided to improve my fitness after getting rather breathless after walking up hills.

What have you achieved?

My health in my mid seventies is fine, as a result of losing some weight. *(Two stone to be precise!)
Together with specific training, I have come off long term blood pressure medication.

What are your current goals?

To maintain my weight loss with perhaps the loss of a few more kilos.

What have you realised?

That as you age you need to put on a little more than you take out!

What advice would you give from this experience?

To visualise the time that you feel good after a training session and hold on to that.

Any tips/advice?

Reward yourself after reaching your goal but don’t lose the discipline that got you there.

So I hope you join me in wishing Jenny huge congratulations for all her efforts and continued success!

Best wishes