Client successes! 💪🏼💥

Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio


Just heard some fantastic news from a client I’ve been working with!

Over the years, we have been through many ups & downs. We have tried lots of different strategies to help with body compositional change & just feeling fitter.

She runs a very successful business & also manages to be an amazing mum to many kids, so life is tough to balance so many elements.

This client has both lost a large amount of
fat & many inches, and also gained some back. A little bit of see sawing, but within a much better range than previous years.

After trying many different nutritional methods of adjustment, using her own detective skills & some trial & error, together with some coercion from me, she is starting to have a little bit of a light bulb moment!!

Through trial & error, and yes it’s important to make mistakes as well as successes, she is starting to find her own path to help with her goals!

At Personal Space we always try & look at things holistically.

What do i mean by that?

I mean, you cannot look at factors independently- you need to look at the bigger picture & all the interrelated factors.

In this case in terms of body compositional change we looked at;

•Nutritional needs using food logs
•Sleep – quantity & quality

•Stress and methods of dealing with overall levels
•General Lifestyle
•Exercise & movement – planned & consequential
•Mindfulness- clear thinking & focus
•Family/Work life balance
•Contentment/happiness within oneself
•Own belief systems
•HEC- hunger, energy, cravings
•Supplementation- Extra help to boost intake
•Support network – those around and their effects
•Previous successes – what ‘worked’
•Previous failures – what didn’t work & what was learnt

So you can see that by only focussing on one aspect, that there are many other crucial areas missed!

This client has started to understand that it’s long term sustainable change that needs to happen, and understanding what works for you individually. Once you have gone well down that path, I do feel you have a little bit more inner peace & a structure, that delivers.

She has realized that stress had played a bigger part in her life than previously recognized.

By actively working on stress reduction, r & r & learning what adjustment of foods work for her, she has started to feel different, & fat is starting to shift again. The stress hormones are diminishing and the body is in better overall health to deliver what she wants.

This client also has experimented with fasting and has found for her, that delaying breakfast & shortening the eating ‘window’ has helped to get things moving again. She generally now has two meals instead of three and has been using ketogenic/Banting methods to help satisfy hunger.

She is still on that journey, but I do feel that by focusing on the necessary factors, many other factors fall into place.

To say I’m pleased is an understatement!

Many congratulations!