Compassional Happiness

I was driving in to work, listening to the radio this morning, and they were interviewing a French guy who was actually a monk, who both practiced Buddhism & also researched the link between compassion & happiness. I actually like a lot of the Buddhist teachings as they have a great foundation in wellness, positivity & living a fulfilling life.
What struck me though was how jovial & uplifting he was, and as usual, it made me think of my own life and my own happiness.
I was asked, just this week by a client, how I managed to keep so happy! I think the simple answer is, I work at it. Like anything in life worth having, including fitness, if you want to get good at it, it takes regular practice, focus, & dedication. I, like any human, have ups and downs, but I do SO badly want to make the very best of the precious life I’ve been given.
From a personal level, and it’s something I don’t write about, but affects me greatly, is my lovely mum who has late stage Alzeimers. What would she have done differently, knowing this disease was coming? I think those little niggles would not seem so big, certain situations perhaps could be reframed in a more positive way, or that perhaps you would try to make the very best of every moment you’ve been given?
The way I look at life it’s not a rehearsal. I certainly don’t profess to have perfected it and at times it’s been a struggle, but I am grateful for every life experience, be it good or bad, as it has made me the person I am today.
One thing I have learnt is that the world doesn’t owe me a thing – it’s totally down to my own doing- it’s my choice & my choice only as to how I feel and how I choose to let a situation make me feel.
The compassion element that the monk was talking about is a big part of my job and a big part of who I am. I meet so many interesting & diverse people through my work and I feel blessed that they have chosen me to be able to help them. I absolutely LOVE my job and my passion hopefully comes out in what I teach and write. Getting the balance between work, family life & play will be something I continually work at & don’t always succeed, but at least by being aware I can continually re-evaluate.
Like any big family we had to have a ‘ discussion’ last night as two of my kids are having what I call loggerheads, where they are winding each other up causing an atmosphere in the house. I tried to get them to see each other’s perspective & to learn and understand where each other was coming from – a big part of compassion.
What would I want my kids to learn? – to build their compassion towards others & be aware of how their actions can make people feel. To make the best of every life situation & reflect back on life with a huge grin & know they have lived life to the full. Above all, that they have put a focus on being happy & as a consequence bring happiness to others they meet.