Consistently getting the RESULTS you want!

How do I consistently get the fitness and health results that I want?!


That’s a big question that frequently gets asked!

Its almost as if there is a magic formula or secret method, that answers all.

Whilst it would be fantastic if it were true, unfortunately there isn’t a straightforward way.That said, and not one to dampen spirits, there are some guidelines which will definitely help you along the way.


I’m going to be writing my observations over the next few weeks, from being in the industry for over 27 years, of what I consider to be the most salient factors, to getting the results you want.

One first point to consider is progressive overload.

Wikipedias definition states;

” The principle of progressive overload involves the gradual increase of stress placed on the body during exercise training that is beyond its current capabilities. This gradual increase in stress forces the body to continually try to adapt to the training program.”


One key to ensuring long term change is ensuring that you continually challenge the body, so it doesn’t get used to what you are doing to it.

That can be progressively working your different energy system pathways, your muscles & connective tissue or your metabolism.

The body quite often has a set point which it likes to gravitate, and that combined with most people’s human nature of staying within a comfort zone, can make us stagnate and stay where we are.

So what is the answer?

My advice is to be aware of your current levels (a training log is useful here) and ensure, over time, that you try and work harder and smarter.

This can be as simple as pushing your levels up at the gym, trying a harder/different machine, or running intervals or hills (compared to flat steady pace).

It can be doing bigger compound (multi joint) exercises instead of fixed or Isolated machines, using free weights, using body weight compared to sat down exercises, and just lifting heavier, more often or increasing sets/reps.

With flexibility it can be using partners or bands to assist, or doing more frequently, basically adjusting time, frequency, loading.

There’s lots of ways to progressively overload your own fitness programme, just try and keep away from doing the same thing for long periods of time and expecting major change.

Something is obviously better than nothing, but check you are progressing your programme in a manner to evoke change.

Best wishes