Covid 19 – P.S. response

Obviously everything is overshadowed at present by the corona virus – covid 19, so I felt it was only right to tell you what we are doing at Personal Space to minimise infection. 

I must stress, that despite the hysteria, the chances of getting it are very slim and being affected more seriously, even more so.

It appears to be generally more serious if you are 70+ especially with pre existing conditions.

We are getting each client to wash their hands prior to exercising at the gym. We have separate paper towels and a bin.  

We are doing deep cleans with disinfectant and anti bacterial cleanser regularly and wiping down kit in-between appointments where any contact or sweat has been. 

Our exercise mats already have an anti bacterial covering built in but we are still wiping and cleaning. 

As Dr Tara Smith, professor of epidemiology, says 

“Gyms are not any more risky than “anywhere else where you would be touching things and in somewhat close contact with people — but as the virus is spreading, all of those activities are becoming increasingly risky, especially if you are in a group that is likely to be more severely affected by Covid-19,” Smith said. “I think individuals may want to consider any aspect of how they go out in public during these times, both for themselves and the rest of their community, particularly vulnerable individuals.”

Obviously it goes without saying that if you have symptoms or you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms, then it’s best to stay away.  

We are just being super cautious in this currently crazy world. 

We are lucky in this context that we have a much smaller foot fall than big gyms and it’s a lot easier to be compliant with guidelines. Nevertheless please speak to your trainer if you have any specific concerns. 

Best wishes