What you MUST know to change your body!




Critical learning in body composition change- knowledge is power! (And  its application more so! ) – lesson 15.

Through the metabolic effect & the work of Jade Teta et al, there is some thinking that seems quite straightforwards & actually is, BUT many people who ‘diet’ & try to change their body, do not fully comprehend this (I can previously include myself within this).

Where many people quit their goal,  is when they stop seeing results – even if it’s one week over the next. We want to see results, & most of us want it RIGHT NOW!


But there is a couple of statements that can help understand why you need to stick with the programme. Yes, modify when necessary, but wait to see the results.

Here is a common scenario;
Ok, I’ve been really strict, so & so offered me a doughnut, I said no. I didn’t have any seconds etc, I’ve done everything I set out to do & I stuck with my exercise programme religiously. SO, I should get the results I want! Right?!

Well the thing is the metabolism is not a calculator it doesn’t keep adding and subtracting calories in & calories out – the circumstances have to be right for the body to release fat, sometimes it just takes a little longer. You also need to apply the right eating & the right exercise to suit fat loss.

Is this frustrating – YUP!
Is it fair? – NOPE!

Fat loss & body composition change is not uniform!! It does not follow a linear scale. It goes up, down & can stay the same.

This information, whilst simple, is absolutely critical to absorb if you want to stick with your desired programme.

Keep at it!
Best wishes
Stuart 😊