Crushing lows to amazing highs!

Crushing lows to amazing highs, all pretty much in a week! 

Wow! This life certainly brings about such twists and turns, and certainly confirms that  I’m living! 

After trying to prepare myself for mums passing (if that’s really a thing?!- although she amazingly survived), I find my emotions being tested totally the other way, with my son Toms English Schools National finals with his javelin. 

Here’s the thing. To get to the National finals Tom had to win the areas within his county. He then had to win the Somerset counties. 

He then had to be picked and compete and win in the south west regionals (all of the counties within). 

Then he had to be chosen from all the other disciplines (only 32 athletes go from Somerset) to compete at the Nationals. 

Then he has to fight for a placing, as a 16 year old, in the under 20’s to stand a chance of getting near the podium. 

I cannot tell you the dedication, and hours and hours, of training that goes into the culmination of this years performance. 

The hours of travel and training, through all weathers and conditions. 

The blood, sweat and tears in the gym, track and indoor training centres. 

All this, whilst finely balancing rest, recovery and sleep, together with stretching, massaging and not to mention schoolwork, family and social life. 

So it won’t be a big surprise to know that on Toms fourth throw, a personal best, and a championship bronze winning throw at that, I cried. 

He had just actioned the huge crowd at the Alexander stadium to build up a clap to throw,  and it had fired him up enough to throw his best. As soon as he knew, he looked up to me and punched the air. 

That was it, the emotions got me.

Tom asked me why I cried? 

Firstly its because I’m incredibly proud of him and the young man he has become, but secondly because I knew what had gone in behind that performance.

Watching all these young, aspiring athletes is incredibly inspirational and moving to me because I totally understand the sacrifice, dedication and focus needed to reach these heights. 

Tom had been through all of this, and I’d been there alongside him. 

I have to say that I was incredibly moved when he wrote and thanked me for all my support and told me he couldn’t have done it without me. As a parent one big thing you hope for is appreciation. He confirmed that.

So what’s my point this week?

That to really achieve anything in life, it doesn’t just happen. 

I’m all for wishing people good luck, but I do believe you make your own luck. 

So when you set your own personal goals, be realistic and try and look in the long term. 

We are all sucked into the quick fix and the instant, but things take time. Plan it to be so, in a realistic, steady way and you will be more motivated and less disappointed. 

Until next week, 

Best wishes