Cutting the bullshit!



In the light of recent news regarding processed meat (which I might add was misinterpreted & sensationalised- but I’m sure you guessed that!) it got me thinking about how bloomin’ confusing the health & fitness & food industry is!


I thought I would just clarify through my blog what I believe highlights best practice as it stands at present day & what clearly is a load of old codswallop!!
It is worth mentioning however there is never just one way that suits all- we are all different!


I love the metabolic effects ‘being detective’ approach. Whilst we would all ideally like a foolproof, singular blanket approach of doing things – it’s never going to happen!


There will be training methods & better eating practices that will increase your chance of success in your chosen area, but not a one size fits all!

I would encourage you to learn what has worked previously & adapt as necessary. With regarding metabolism this unfortunately is also a transient process but you would track to see what works or not.



Whilst patience is needed it’s also worth mentioning if something really isn’t working – change it!


There are many aspects to all these areas, so I’m going to write about it in my blogs over the coming weeks.

For those adverts that state a stone in weight lost in 7 days or packing on 10 pounds of muscle in a week & the magic tablet that melts fat or the before & after shots that are clearly photoshopped -I call bullshit!

Whilst you would want that weight to be fat loss without muscle loss, rather than just overall ‘weight’ loss, there is no quick loss, quick fix special method that cheats the system- much as the advertisers would want you to believe!

Whilst there isn’t a magic formula there are known methods of training & food adjustment that can evoke a healthy change.

Watch this space!