Cutting edge gut/brain health information



What can I say! Hot off the press!

First day of the gut-brain health connection seminar today and I’m already blown away from the information I’ve been taught!

As there is so much in both days, I’m going to share the knowledge over a number of blogs.

The crux of the weekend was to share the now common knowledge that there is an inextricable link between your gut health (microbiom), and the brain.

If you want to skyrocket your wellness to a new level, then you have to consider ways to improve both your good bacteria inside and out, and try to look ways to improve your brain health and function.

The talks so far have looked at the prevalence of gut and mental illnesses,

the predominant use of medications and their effects,

the use of Probiotics,

supplementation and foods to help the gut and brain,

improving the brains synaptic communication network,

how to get the right balance of Omega fats for optimal health,

How your immunology is templated at a very early stage of your life and it’s implications.

With Alzeimers now beating heart disease as the UK’s most prevalent killer, and with an increasing array of gut related illness, it’s time to be forewarned!

Watch this space!

Best wishes