Decathlon 2016 winners show off their esteemed trophies

Personal Space Decathlon competition winners 2016. Don’t they look happy? Probably just glad it’s all over, and they survived.

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Picture one is Dan, who won last year as well. He’s clearly a sucker for punishment, and you can tell by his T shirt as well. He is in the younger age group, and had a scorching round.

Picture two is Kath, who also won last year. This year we put her in the younger age group category, to give other, slightly older people, like me, a chance. She loves to exercise hard, and push herself, even though she might sometimes pretend otherwise.

Picture three is Stephanie, who was victorious in the ‘not as young’ age group. I hope she enjoyed it, and will defend her title next year. It is such a tough challenge, and Stephanie did brilliantly.

The  male ‘not as young’ age group fastest time was posted by Stuart. But he’s a trainer, so that doesn’t count! However, it was a fab time, so well done Stu.

If you’re tempted to have a go at this gruelling ten event challenge, let us know, as we’d be happy to see you sweat like Billy-o any time.

Lisa 🙂