Developing a sustainable P.O.A!

There’s been a fair bit written in the media this week about unsustainable-weight loss. What triggered it partly was the biggest loser TV programme, where those who are (generally morbidly) obese compete to change bodyshape & health. (Although health is a side product!)

After the programme finished, those that had done well, had started to pile the weight (fat) back on.

Hands up, being totally honest, mine has fluctuated too much, over the years. I,like anyone who is conscious of their health & shape, try to keep an eye on it without getting too fixated, however it can slide.

The cycle goes like this; fat weight creeps on ever so slowly. You think, I must do something about that! Then you are super strict, lose, then ever so slowly let old habits creep back on. It’s a vicious cycle.

I personally find it good to challenge myself & I can be super strict in all areas of exercise & food intake, but one thing I’m learning is that in the long term, it pays to have a sustainable plan. A plan that suits your lifestyle; including good nutrition & foods that you enjoy & exercise that you can continue with in the long term.

It’s why I absolutely love the metabolic effect principles of turning detective. It totally makes sense to me to learn what suits you, the individual, as opposed to following a formulaic plan that tries to fit everyone’s needs.

I do get clients coming in wanting quick body changes, & whilst it is possible with hard work & dedication, I prefer it when there’s time to work on long term strategies.

In fact, I had a client in today that seemed actually quite frightened at the prospect of moderation but it just depends on what you are used to. In needn’t be overnight & and it can be done at a pace to suit your own needs.
With this type of client I set up mini challenges just one day at a time, to prove even in the short term, that old habits can be broken.

I have one client who works away Monday to Friday so when home at the weekend ‘rewards’ himself for his hard week with copious alcohol & food!
We set up a challenge to prove it doesn’t have to be this way, by eating sensibly & being active & it proved that that cycle can be broken. It’s a little start, but it’s a start!!

The take home message for this week is;
There just isn’t one plan to suit everyone, only principles to be applied, adjusted & manipulated to suit your own requirements.
Be sustainable & think of your own long term plan of action!

Best wishes
Stuart 😊