Dichotomy of change!

WOW! Thank you SO much for the great response from the last blog! I had loads of messages through various media- it really is very much appreciated!

I love helping & supporting others to make a change, and it got me thinking about the process of change. Sometimes you only need one small step of change, to bring about huge change! It’s like a domino effect that gathers momentum.

What is it that you need to make a change? What factors need to happen to bring about change for you? Its obviously a very personal thing to each of us, but yet there are some commonalities.

As humans we generally seek pleasure & avoid pain. Positive change can bring immeasurable pleasure but sometimes for this to happen we have to make the risk of some pain. You have to ask yourselfwill the risk of some pain be worth changing, to increase the likelihood of pleasure by attaining my goal?

Sometimes it feels safer to stay in our comfort zone (even when it can be incredibly uncomfortable) because we don’t feel ready to change. (Or at least convince ourselves so!)

There are theoretical models on the stages or readiness of  change. Those necessary steps that we go through, to weigh up whether we should move from our safe place or not. In an ideal world we need to go from not being ready, to considering, to actually doing & then maintaining that behaviour. This is of-course easily said then done & it’s not always plain sailing!

This is where we come in as personal trainers. A big part of our work is accountability.  Being accountable to someone else. Sitting down & thrashing through what it is you exactly want (sometimes it’s not clear until you go through it) & then working together to find a realistic solution.

I would love to hear from you about initial small changes, that became BIG successful changes – please share your successes with us here!