The gift of disappointment!


The gift of Disappointment!

We’ve all been there. You think ahead, do everything as planned, but then the result doesn’t quite stack up, against what you thought it was going to be.

Obviously this can be disappointing BUT I believe sometimes there’s much more to be gained and learnt, when things DONT go right.

If I can use my son Tom as an example. Last year when he didn’t make the cut for the national school finals, he was gutted. After the initial disappointment though, he worked with his coach, planned ahead, and trained like a demon.

Look at what he’s achieved a year on now!

Would he have achieved as much without that set back? Whose to say? But he learnt a lot about himself in the process. If things had all gone plain sailing then you have to ask, would he have learnt as much?

So whilst disappointments are tough to sometimes deal with its all part of what shapes you. It’s taken a while for me to see this, but challenging times are a gift. They stop and make you think and re evaluate, they wake you up to what’s important!

How is that a negative?!

So as hard as it might seem in the moment, there’s always something positive to be gained.

Best wishes