Ditch the scales!!

I had an interesting image on my Facebook feed today, that I think is very thought provoking.
I’ve included it in the header page & it raises some interesting issues.
What is the fixation with being a certain weight? Why weight? Surely how you look & feel & how well clothes fit, should be a better focus?
I have had a number of clients who have weighed themselves daily (sometimes more than daily) in the hopes that ‘weight’ might be lower. If the scales say up then it caused a cycle of – why do I bother? Is it all worth it?
I may as well just go back to how I was?
In simple terms its a head f*c#!
I must admit I’ve been caught up in this before, it’s an easy cycle to get caught up in. I actually hate weighing myself for that reason & prefer to go by how I feel, clothes, & how I look to myself.
Weight charts are ridiculously unachievable, as are body mass index measurements. They don’t take into consideration body frame & composition.
The other factor to consider is water- the body at any time is 50-75% water, a litre of water weighs 1 kg, see how easy it is to fluctuate ‘weight’ with life activities?
So what’s the answer?
In the gym I use a number of measures to track improvements, I have used body weight but alongside body fat tracking & circumference, but more recently photographic evidence. I’m amazed at how subtle & sometimes not so subtle changes are instantly seen- way more positive than a number on the scale.
I would encourage you to be brave & track using photographs, body measurements, & how clothes fit, it’s been a very enlightening process.
I would also like to encourage you to ditch the scales & the incessant weighing & instead focus on the aforementioned methods.
How amazing would it feel to not be compelled to weigh all the time? Surely you are worth waaaay more than a number on the scales?!!

Take good care of yourself –