Don’t fear, spring is near!


Don’t fear, spring is near. Just around the next corner! It must be true, as I just spotted some primroses out in flower. This is encouraging, and the current dry weather with good bursts of sunshine makes me feel rejuvenated. I feel keen to go for a run, rather than merely thinking that I ought to.

I hope you experience similar inspiring (almost an anagram of ‘in spring’!) thoughts regarding your exercise routine. It’s time to take advantage of the inclement conditions to get out and about more; walking, running, scooting, cycling; whatever takes your fancy. There may even be time after your working day to squeeze in some outdoor exercise in the lengthened daylight.

However you choose to exercise, now could be the time to step up the volume. Take thirty minutes before lunch today to take a walk, breathe in fresh air, get warm, increase alertness, enjoy the moment, forget everything else, and return with a spring in your step.

Lisa 🙂