Dream big, but enjoy the moment….




Ah, nearly the end of another year- wow! Can’t quite believe it!

It’s an obvious time for reflection and it’s something I do often. I personally find it comforting to do so, but I also believe it’s not a healthy preoccupation to dwell.

Whilst I certainly don’t want to forget my past and think back to all the enjoyment I’ve had, I do feel it’s very important to allow full attention on the now, and to soak up all the atmosphere, at that moment.

I have found myself frequently drifting off into the ether or what is commonly called ‘ fire gazing’ where I am totally detached from that moment (what my school teachers labeled – day dreamer!).

I suppose it’s fine to dream & focus ahead, but then sometimes you miss the now.

Being mindful is very ‘on point’ at the moment but it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Perhaps something as simple as putting the phone down, taking time to listen & focus & just be.

What do I mean by just being?

That is, not worrying about the next thing, and things you cannot action upon right at that moment, immersing yourself in what’s happening around you and using all of the senses of touch, smell, hearing and sight you were born with. This can be sitting quietly by yourself or surrounded by all your loved ones. Just living in that moment.

We all know how fast paced modern life is and I catch myself saying that old cliche – my how time flies – but it’s true. Sometimes we can be so busy at looking ahead, we forget to live for that moment.

My Grandad, god rest his soul, when I said to him, how quick that year had gone, said, you wait till you get to my age boy (82 at the time), then you see how quick it flies!

So, Its only natural for me to reflect, but I’m also going to try my hardest over 2017 to focus on the now.

I will say my goodbyes to 2016, with gratefulness in my heart, for all the lovely people I have met & helped, and all the opportunities I have had to be thankful for life.

I think like many people’s lives, there’s been many ups & downs, but I really do believe that things do happen for a reason. Whether good or bad, all the life lessons I have learnt, have made me a better, stronger person.

It might have seemed tough at the time, but everyday is a learning opportunity.

I still believe it’s important to plan for the future and aspire, which might seem a dichotomy, when I’ve said focus on the now, but actually it’s important to do both.

One recent fantastic experience highlighted this point. I took my son up to Loughborough University for a javelin training workshop. Amongst the 100 or so javelin throwers, there were Olympians, World, Commonwealth & British champions, coaches & many others at the top of their game.

It was very inspiring listening to those top athletes talk and the atmosphere was electric. I know Tom & I felt honored to be in the presence of such athletes, who lets face it, had big dreams.

It’s absolutely fine to dream big,(in fact I’d encourage it!) , but amongst that, they also focus on the now, planned for the future & ensured they maximized their time & skills, to get where they wanted in life.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Best wishes



P.S. the picture shows my son Tom with Olympian, world record holder Steve Backley OBE