Early rewards for new exerciser

bristol personal trainer

My new client, (NC for short) has had two personal training sessions with me. Walking, gardening and fishing aside, he has not exercised in many years.

We have discussed his lack of mobility, posture deviations from ideal and his stiffness, which is of no surprise. During the week between NC’s first and second visits he performed daily dynamic stretches, pelvic tilts on a ball, Cat/Cow, supine heel touches and 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as faster walking, swimming, home bike and rowing.

On his second visit I was thrilled to hear him say he felt looser and more balanced already. Here are NC’s words:

“After a sedentary office lifestyle and now retirement my body awareness test was how well I managed to get downstairs in the morning – typically gripping onto the bannister and wall, steadying myself with both feet on each step down. After one week of warm up exercises first thing after getting out of bed I am blown away by the results. I can now get downstairs normally one foot on each step after the other. Thank you. Now to lose weight!”

He also said to me that he found himself, without thinking, not holding on to the bannister after a few days, but he didn’t want to advocate that. Safety first.

This is a major improvement in my book, and made me very happy. Keep up the fantastic efforts NC!

Lisa 🙂