Effective fat loss ‘weighting’….

I have just taken on a new client whose main goal is to lose weight- but read that as, lose body fat, whilst keeping or improving muscle mass! 

Amongst the medical screening for previous history, medications etc, we had a good chat about lifestyle and structure.

We were chatting through eating patterns and exercise, and I highlighted the importance of just trying to move more as a main strategy. 

If you look at a basic formal exercise session for example, you might burn off between 300-600 calories, depending on the time, type and intensity. 

The energy burned obviously helps to create a deficit, but have you ever thought how many calories you can burn throughout the whole day, just by moving more? 

The potential over the day is a lot more than a half to one hour exercise session! 

Of course exercise is not all about calorie deficit, but you can see by just walking as much as you can, and moving around more, you increase energy expenditure greatly.

The other positive factor here is that low intensity, long duration activity can be done by most people and doesn’t impact negatively on hormonal stress and hunger. 

If I was to put a weighting on importance for fat loss, aside from happiness, self belief and loving oneself,  I would firstly put;

Diet, then movement and then exercise.

That might seem strange from a personal trainer, but it’s very hard to out exercise a bad diet. 

As aforementioned just moving more can make a huge impact on overall expenditure. 

And of course exercise is important for many, many health factors, but can be crucial in keeping cardiovascularly fit, bone loading and keeping and improving muscle mass for effective movement and function. 

So remember to build in basic movement in your day- take the stairs, park the car further away, or take a stroll at lunch. 

I would heartily encourage you to plan walks in your free time and weekends too. 

The added bonus is the affect of overall wellness and mental health too- especially if off the beaten track.

Sometimes we can be so focussed on all the details we forget the basics! Move more and reap the benefits! 

Best wishes