Ellen, client success story…

In a move to encourage and motivate, I wanted to start adding some client success stories to the blogs. This week it’s Ellens turn.

Here’s her story…

“I’m 39, a full time mum of two, Ben and Evie, but worked as a neonatal nurse prior to having them.

I have been working out with stuart for about 11 years, with a few breaks.

I started when my eldest was 2 to lose the pregnancy weight I had put on with her.

I wanted to be a healthy weight to start trying for another baby and lost 4.5 stone that time around.

I carried on working out throughout my 2nd pregnancy , with Stuart, but had a condition from pregnancy that affected my hip stability, so became limited in what I could do.

Unfortunately I ate for two during this pregnancy and put on a lot of weight again but I did manage to lose the majority of this again.

I then had a hysterectomy ( 5 years ago) because of a long history of gynae issues.

I comfort ate after this operation and my weight went up again. I struggled to lose the weight this time around. Not sure whether this is to do with being older, my hormones or what really. 

I used to swim as a child but was never very sporty, so doing regular exercise was not really something that I grew up doing.

I am very good at making excuses not to work out if I’m left to motivate myself!

This is when having my regular sessions booked in with Stuart are great, I just go and get on with it, rather then procrastinating by myself.

I have tried so many diets over the last ten years but what I have found, through much trial and error, is actually an adapted weight watchers approach.

I plan my meals ahead using real food and have learnt to regulate my portion sizes.

I now know what my body responds best to, to get in shape, ie. lower carbs and higher protein.

I’m turning 40 in the summer and I’m currently working toward hitting my goal by then.

I can then work on a maintenance programme and not have to spend my 40s dieting.

I’ve spent all of my 30s and a lot of my 20s dieting and I don’t want to do it anymore.

I’ve learnt that I will always have to watch what I eat to a certain extent, and I will definitely need to exercise regularly in order to be able to maintain my goal weight.

So far this time I’ve lost just over 3 stone in just over a year and have about 1.5 to go.

I’m really pleased to say also that my dress sizes have dropped down and my shape has changed. This is something I’m learning more about as a focus on toning and body change, as opposed to just losing ‘weight’.

I had a bit of a blip last summer after a couple of holidays, and have been working to get back to the pre holiday weight, which I’ve now done and surpassed this.

It definitely goes on a lot quicker than it comes off! 

On my journey I’ve learnt life long skills that I will now use as a long term strategy.

I think my advice would be to try different things to see what works best for you, which can take time and there is no quick fix (believe me I’ve tried them!).

Also try not to let slip ups take over, if you have a bad day draw a line under it, and start again the next day.”

I hope you join me in congratulating Ellen for her achievements and learning lots of long term strategies along the way.

Thank you also for your frank and honest blog and sharing your story.

We all wish you continued success towards your goal.

Best wishes