Empowerment of self responsibility

I don’t have time! I’m too busy! It’s  raining! There’s no healthy options at the canteen! I’m too tired! My kits in the wash!  My work schedule won’t allow me to train! We are eating out tonight anyway! My training partner can’t make it…..

However true these statements potentially could be, how do you personally perceive them?

The way that they are phrased suggests extraneous factors are at play?

If you find yourself saying anything like these statements, it may mean that you are not taking full self responsibility.

“the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable forsomething within one’s power, control,or management.”

The key here is being accountable & within ones power.


Looking back at those initial statements how would one take full self responsibility?

By questioning the statements & finding solutions!


No healthy options at the canteen?
Bring my own, send out for something different, or adjust eating around the day.

Training partner not available?
Find another, try a different activity, or just do it anyway!

Don’t have time?
Bring in small bite size doable elements, incorporate it into the day, adjust the schedule the best you can to make time.

Too tired?
By making time for yourself & improving life elements it can energize you. Start slow & build up gradually to suit. When one thing starts generally it brings along other improvements in activity & eating.


Self responsibility is critical in helping you to achieve your own goals. A trainer can help support & guide you, but once you have taken full responsibility for your actions, it’s an extremely powerful tool in attaining goals.

Once you are in control, you are empowered to make long term personal change.


Best wishes 

Stuart 😊