Encouraging or Discouraging??


I’ve noticed more recently on my social media, a number of posts talking about Personal Trainers and body image.

The discussions were based around what a Personal Trainer should look like, and what it represented to prospective clients.

One trainer was told that “clients should not go with him because he didn’t have a six pack”.

It was inferred that as he didn’t, his knowledge wasn’t as in depth or effective enough!

It’s a very interesting concept for me because I believe that with advent of social media, there appears to be more of a focus on physical appearance and with it, a heightened sense of judge-mentality.

Is this a fair? Does visual appearance infer somebody is ‘fit’ and healthy solely?

Traditionally, I think it actually does, but I feel this perpetuation of stereotypes should be challenged.

Are we not forgetting that being fit and active is a lot more than what we ‘look’ like?

Can you be healthy without a six pack? Yes!

Can you be fit without a six pack? Yes!

As I’ve got older, I’m not in as good a ‘shape’ as I was when younger, but I’ve learnt an awful lot in those years, that’s made me a much more effective trainer.

So does not having a six pack make me a less effective trainer? Resolutely, no!!

I think obviously a Personal Trainer with an awesome physique will always attract certain clients, and bravo for the trainer, as I know it’s a huge amount of work to stay this way.

This can be both inspiring for many but equally intimidating to those that are a long way from this ‘ideal’.

My worry is the message this sends out to the public at large.

At a time where the general public are moving less and health is diminishing, shouldn’t we be just focussing on moving more, eating healthier and encouraging and supporting others to be active?

(As opposed to setting unrealistic, unobtainable physical standards, that to the public at large, are poles apart from where they see themselves?)

I’d be interested to know your thoughts…

Best wishes