Are you ENJOYING your exercise?

I have often been asked what the best type of exercise is or what the best exercises to do are?

Well, there’s no straight answer as it very much depends on your goals & many other inter related factors!


One thing for sure though is that to have a long term plan around your goal, it certainly helps to enjoy it, as opposed to enduring it!


If you want to ‘stick’ to something, unless you have the will power of a saint, then it’s imperative you enjoy what you do! I’d ask though how often fun is mentioned with exercise? For some it seems it’s the complete opposite!



I would heartily encourage you all to find the medium of exercise or activity that lifts the spirits, makes you feel good & you actually enjoy.


Not all of us are going to get that endorphin rush from activities, but if you want to be compliant to your goals, then enjoyment should come high on your wish list.


What activities/exercise activities are fun?

The answer is different to all; some like exercising with others, some using particular kit, others being out in the open, some gym based, others home based, some sports based.
So it’s all about finding what YOU find fun!

If you are bored with your routine or want a change, I would encourage you to see what’s out there, it doesn’t have to be traditional.

If you like classes look at what your local centres have to offer, if you prefer the outdoors why not try Nordic walking, rambling or parkour?
Why not learn a new skill like circus skills or a new sport like ultimate frisbee, or join a team?
Why not try & new bit of exercise kit – be it a hoola hoop, mountain bike or scooter?

The world is literally your oyster! I encourage you to take a look what’s available around your neighbourhood – you might be surprised!

Best wishes