Enjoyment is the key factor in exercise maintenance

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This week a client and I cycled at good pace for 40 minutes on a pretty, flat route starting at Slimbridge village in Gloucestershire. She was very pleased to find that I had pushed myself just as hard as she had, in fact she had pulled away from me and I had to belt along to catch up.

I am not at my fittest, but also no slouch, and my client modestly said that maybe she had an advantage being a larger size than me, but that would only be true on downhill sections. She was really happy to discover that she had performed well and very much enjoyed the cycling and is keen to go again herself during the week before I see her again. It is only the second time of her using the bike on a ride longer than the 10 minute  ride as local transport in town. It seems she has found an activity that she enjoys, and this is paramount to continuing with the exercise as a routine.

If you are struggling with committing to an exercise programme, investigate other modes of exercise to find one that suits your personality and current fitness level. Enjoyment is the key factor in adhering to an exercise routine. Right now during more inclement weather is a good time to try cycling.

To find out about local cycling training rides specifically for women visit the website of Breeze.  Breeze is the biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun. Their aim is to help thousands more women feel confident and comfortable about going on a ride.