Exam pressures!

My middle daughter Ella, is starting to feel the pressure now the A level exams have started, I can remember those days, (just about!) and it felt very much, all encompassing. 

Of course exams are important,  and it’s just one bench mark we are measured by, but it’s not the bee all and end all – despite the fact I felt  that it was at the time. 

I think life sometimes can feel pressured, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing to learn how to individually cope with it, and to develop personal coping strategies. 

As a parent you want to obviously protect your children, but it can sometimes be a fine balance. 

On one hand children need to explore, experiment and work out how that world ‘ticks’ themselves, but on the other hand,  you consider  all the potential dangers, and issues, that might occur in doing so. 

I love the saying – ‘ giving your child roots and wings.’   

Roots dug deep within the family to know they have a strong foundation,  know they are  loved deeply, and are always welcome. 

And wings to soar and become whatever they want to be. Freedom,  no chains, and to truly make the best of the gift of life. 

So during this time of academic pressure, know that it’s not for very long, you have an amazing summer to look forwards to, and that regardless of the final mark, things will work out. 

If plan A doesn’t work, try B,C,D and E!!

From a personal standpoint, yes my degree opened doors, initially, and it was a good educational foundation, but I have to say as a personal trainer, going on specific courses, just doing the job, and continually learning and reading further, has developed my skills more specifically, for my current skill set. 

Lastly, from my experience, plan revision to include rest and recovery, sleep well, hydrate and eat good nutrition to feed your brain. 

Until next week 

Best wishes