Exercise – grab it where you can!

My client felt like cancelling yesterday morning because she didn’t want to miss the solar eclipse excitement, but after reflection thought we could somehow manage to do both at the same time. She was right, we could.

We met at her house but instead of heading off into the woods for a hilly walk, we walked up and down her own hilly back garden a few times to get warmed up (short but steep) and then interspersed exercises outdoors with peeks through her telescope, with a special lens on so it was safe, and viewed the marvel of the partial eclipse. It forced me to think on my feet to provide plenty of exercises that I hadn’t planned, and my client got a different session to what she is used to. She therefore didn’t miss out on something she really wanted to do, and didn’t miss out on her exercise either.

So, if ever you feel torn between doing your exercise routine and something else social, consider improvising a combination of the two.  Can you run through a set of exercises whilst watching your favourite TV programme, or visit your family and go for a walk together?

Can you watch your children’s football match whilst performing your squats and press ups, or run a few efforts down the side line?

How about running up your stairs 5 times whenever you put the kettle on, or lunging up and down the room whilst answering the phone?

With some afore thought, imagination and planning you can weave activity into your busy day. Then you can be happy that you’ve achieved your exercise aims despite having a hectic day. Improvisation is the key. Have fun!