Exercise to feel younger!

personal training motivation

My friend ‘R’ said she has got back into regular exercise classes at our local leisure centre, deciding that she ought to go every day, and now she feels as good as she did when she was much younger. Cool! Exercise makes you feel younger. I would strongly agree with that.

Do we associate physical fitness with being younger, or does our improved mood due to regular exercise positively affect how we feel about our age? Or is it simply that having more strength, flexibility and cardiovascular condition gives us more vitality? Anyway, feeling younger feels great, and so does feeling fitter!

‘R’ added that after having had a break from the classes (due to a closure of the centre over the summer), that after her first class back she had a massive grin on her face. The exercise felt so good. In her opinion, it is better if you exercise every day, that’s EVERY DAY, as it brings the best results, plus it’s easier to remember – some exercise every day. That’s also the opinion of the American College of Sports Medicine, who advocate moderate exercise of 30 minutes duration on most if not all days of the week, or 15-20 minutes of vigorous activity daily. Walking counts. So, get your trainers on every day and get out and about, or do 30 minutes of housework or gardening and reap the countless rewards, be it decreased anxiety, lower blood pressure, increased strength or feeling younger.

Lisa 🙂