Exorcise! (poem by my client)

This poem was written by one of my clients. I visit him and his wife at their house. (It might make sense to know that my married name is King). I love the humour in it. I hope you enjoy it. Lisa.


by Graham Pitcher 2015

Weekly and weakly,

we train on the floor

with Lisa (the King) looking for more,

Walking, stretching then swinging your legs

We still look like Humpty, the king of the eggs

More walking at lunchtime, cycling at night

Our target is fitness and being super light

Measured inches on paper, with height and weight

Means Lisa can track us, before it’s too late

Press ups and leg bends, flirting with pain

Well they do say no pain no gain

Trainers and jog pants, dumbbells and bikey,

We almost believe we’re sponsored by Nike

Food diaries then complete the plot,

Helping us plan to stop the rot.

So here we go on our life’s next step

To our mutual goal of fitness and yep..

..We’ll exercise our bodies, avoiding the pies

And Exorcise demons, by losing a size.

So if you see us, walking your way,

Some words of encouragement would make our day.