Extreme dieting….

I was watching a programme today which was so typical of this time of the years tv programming. 

The difference here however was the journalist was comparing extreme diets in a bid to increase his longevity. 

He had very young children at a later age (45) and was concerned with maximising his time with his offspring, and living longer than his father. 

His father unfortunately died at 69 which is early compared to the average now, and he wanted to improve upon how his father led his lifestyle.

I think there are merits to trying out different food options, not necessarily on the extreme ends, but it does make you learn about your own unique body and hormones. 

My middle daughter Ella is trying out Veganuary and has already commented she feels better and less bloated. 

I won’t discuss the merits or wherefores of Veganism here, but even if you increase vegan food ratio to meat that could be the ideal scenario, individually.  

Interestingly enough one of the ‘extreme’ diets was a continual very low calorie intake. Whilst for most, it might not be appropriate to follow this, it would however be salient long term to decrease our overall calorific intake generally.

I think most of westernised society over consume on a regular basis.

Interestingly when the body has a slightly reduced intake it can go into repair mode, which not only gets rid of cellular waste, but signals cellular repair and regeneration.

Another bonus of the 5:2 diet that’s purported. 

One easy way to fast can be just decreasing your daily eating window. 

i.e. eating say at 10am-6pm, thus increasing your fasting time by not eating between 6pm to 10am.

So my advice is learn what works for YOU because whilst we might want answers of what works for ALL- it’s impossible to say, because categorically we are all different. 

Until next week, 

Best wishes