Hope amongst adversity




Off the back of the weekends events in Paris (and elsewhere) it’s seems superfluous to make suggestions for life improvement, although obviously life must go on as normal. In fact it’s imperative, with an awareness of the events, that it carries on, as before. This weekend has left many people feeling totally numb, as it brings terrorism to a new underhand low.

My youngest was genuinely scared of the events & I think the media reports just add a chilling realism to it all. How do we explain such events to young minds?
It’s at moments like these I think it reminds us just how fragile life is.

In the midst of many harrowing stories from survivors though, comes many stories of real life affirming, heartfelt, human compassion.
Whilst bullets were flying around the bataclan many of those in peril were supporting each other with calming words. Those that were hiding helped each other to escape, & the wounded were being cared for & supported, in there true time of need.

So in this nightmare scenario comes stories of hope. That perhaps whilst humans can inflict such atrocities to each other, there are many more who truly care, regardless of faith, colour or creed.

I have read many of the survivors stories repeatedly saying to those closest at that time, how much they loved them. Sometimes it takes moments like these to bring about a true realisation of what is dearest to our hearts.

I feel sure my family know how deeply I love them. Interestingly, knowing this & having that assured, has an amazing affect on overall wellbeing & health. I hope you are also able to let those closest to your own hearts know this too?

I would like my kids to know, that whilst the terror is real, & there is still potential terror out there, that in my opinion, good still triumphs over bad.

Best wishes