Fantastic back stretcher and massager gift idea


Stuck for Christmas present ideas? How about a back stretcher like the one I am draped over above. We have had this one for many years, as suggested to us by an osteopath friend, to stretch and massage the spine. I have actually just spotted this very one on Ebay for £10.50 – bargain. It’s called the Ultimate Rolastretcher, 10-rung beech back stretcher. I can vouch for the claims it makes to stretch and mobilise one’s back, with rolling nodules to massage the long muscles either side of the spine.

The stretcher’s arched shape helps to restore the thoracic spine’s natural curve, which can become rounded forward with poor sustained sitting postures. In our house, we take it in turns every evening to lie over the stretcher, with arms overhead, for about five minutes, and then get some wonderful pressure in the spinal muscles by rolling up and down it, and pressing side to side as well. It’s like a free massage.

It could be just the gift for someone who works at a computer all day, or someone who feels the need for a gorgeous stretch and massage in one go.

Lisa 🙂