Fat burner myths dispelled!




Following on from last week I thought I would dig a little deeper into some of the supplements that are purported to burn fat – one such one is raspberry ketones.

As mentioned previously, it pays not to take things for face value & to question everything, if it seems to good to be true.

According to various online sources these raspberry ketones (RK) are flying off the shelves- they are purported to help you burn fat & reduce appetite.

They claim to burn fat within the cell.

First things first, these are synthetically made not natural (as raspberry would make you suggest) & the word ketones is a bit of a buzz word with low carbohydrate diets. (Ketones can be an indicator of the body burning fat).

Scientists that studied the effects of RK did so with rats & mice only. They took out dead fat cells from rats and added RK and found an increased breakdown of fats.

It was suggested that humans would need to take 100 x’s the dosage rats/mice did to have a similar effect, but obviously this has not been proven in humans.
There are NO individual living (or dead) human cell studies – so their use & affects on humans is unknown. So the purported affects on humans are totally unsubstantiated.

Interestingly in some studies looking at ‘fat burner’ pills/potions etc those studied had to exercise & change diet, so did they lose weight- yes – but how could that be solely attributed to just the supplement?

So what’s the take home information here- don’t always believe the hype! There is a lot of money to be made in the diet industry & people are desperate so will try anything – at a cost!

Before you consider any supplementation – get the basics right first – exercise & activity & correct food manipulation!

Best wishes
Stuart 😊