Fat loss experiment




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I have been very intrigued this year by the fat vs sugar argument. Following on from last weeks blog, and as a way of getting a deeper understanding, I’ve put myself on to a ketogenic dietary plan, with the aim of dropping some bodyfat.

Just as I try out all new exercises before I give them to clients, I think it’s useful for me to try out new ideas in eating.

Following on from the previous trend of low fat, medium protein, & high ish carbs, the ketogenic diet alters the percentages significantly!

The ketogenic diet is high fat, medium protein & very low carbohydrates (carbs) The idea is behind it is that by having minimal carbs the body switches to using its own bodyfat, as its primary fuel.

I’m only on day three so far, so it’s very early days. Common early symptoms of the body adjusting can be flulike until the body switches. It can vary in how long it takes to change, but it appears 3 weeks + is a common time frame.

So far I have had minimal side effects but one very interesting note is my hunger has totally stopped already! The 3 high fat meals over the day have given me much more satiety.

The body can go in & out of ketosis, so it is something you have to stay on track with to maximize effectiveness.

Breakfasts so far have been protein drink with cream, omelette with cheese & advacado.
Lunches a salad of cheese (cheddar/feta/cream) with advacado, ham & peppers or a few veggies.
Evening meal steak & cream mushroom sauce & peas as an example.

I’m keeping track & will feedback to you over the next 3 months with the results.

As before there appears a lot of conflicting research on the subject & one I will delve & divulge more over the coming months.

Best wishes