Fat loss Holy Grail?!!

Around this time of year the media implodes with FAT LOSS this, & BEST EVER exercise that & follow this SECRET X PLAN that’ll induce immense body change.

Special foods or supplements that are only found in a remote island in French Polynesia, that UNLOCK YOUR METABOLIC POTENTIAL?!

Does this sound familiar? Does this sound interesting? Do plenty of people follow this in the hopes that it might be true?


Why?! Because people are desperate. They want a quick fix answer that brings immediate results.

Remember what I said last week- if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!!

So, what’s the answer?

There is never, repeat, NEVER a single programme that works well for everyone. There are simply too many variations & individual differences for that to happen.
BUT, that is what people want to hear!!

There are definitely programmes & food plans that increase the likelyhood of success, but there still has to be INDIVIDUAL MODIFICATIONS made to suit the unique YOU!

Here’s where the detective work comes in- ask yourself –

What have you tried that HAS worked?

What things did NOT work?

Be aware of those things & learn from it for future reference.

I would suggest to experiment & try things over a given time & see what works for YOU!

Breakfast first thing? Breakfast a bit later?
Exercise first thing? Exercise later?
What about eating less, but exercise less?
What about eating a little more, but exercising more?

Do you just stick with the same programme ad infinitum?

There’s loads of variables & I will be sharing some ideas over this year, for you to try.

Not the holy grail, but proven, results based exercise principles & dietary modifications that you can adjust & try that increase your chances of getting that body you’ve always wanted!